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Lobby machines

Lobby machines - CDS

The CDS concept gives valuable service to customers. It allows them to avoid queues and to make self-service deposits whenever it is most convenient. Handling coins over the counter is expensive and time consuming. By reducing queues your staff can concentrate on more productive tasks. This automated system not only makes your customers happy, it reduces the risk of counterfeit coins entering the system.

CDS-9 – the 4th generation of Cash Recycling Systems

The CDS-9 offers complete cash handling service for coin and note transactions. In a secure and rapid way the machine handles bulk coin deposits as well as bundle note deposits and withdrawals. This will give the bank or transport company the optimal cash automation tool for servicing their customers or staff members.

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Perfect for:

  • 24/7 self-service
  • High demand in security 
  • High cash volumes
  • On-line with full connectivity

CDS-9 – Changes the way you look at cash

Handling cash can be a time consuming and costly internal dispute. It can also be a simple and efficient procedure with minimal human involvement, giving optimal accuracy. CDS-9 enables complete automation, switching your focus from cash management to value creating business.

CDS-9 is a premium product built around the best coin and note technology available on the market. The cash is securely stored in the safes which are available both as front and rear access. With the latest machine design the CDS-9 comes with two clear and reliable 15’’ touch screens with tablet-feeling.

Through our software the machine can also be connected on-line to any existing network and be monitored from any remote position.

All in all, CDS-9 offers you a secure and reliable cash solution in a modern, award winning design.



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CDS-820i - Proven best-in-class technology

The Cash Deposit System is SCAN COIN’s flagship, being the first solution of its kind on the market. Today it is spread worldwide and recognized for its high performance and accuracy. In the name of the latest self-service coin processing solution, CDS-820i, the “i” stands for “Improved Performance”, ready to meet the future demands and the toughest requirements on the market.

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Perfect for:

  • 24/7 self-service
  • Banks
  • Medium coin volumes
  • With semi-online possibilities

Self-service around-the-clock

The Cash Deposit System open the way to self-service around-the-clock. The CDS-820i create new opportunities for smart cash processing logistics, improve customer service and release bank staff from manual cash handling for a more profitable consulting role. 


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