Central Cash Processing


Coin Packaging

Coin Packaging equipment

When the coins have been verified, counted and maybe sorted you have the option to package them. For most businesses the coins are easier to handled if packaged - either in rolls, sachets or boxes.


 Packaging Equipment


Coin handling Equipment

Coin Handling Equipment

Our range of coin handling equipment has a very simple aim: Help our customers handle large volumes of loose coins in an efficient, secure and ergonomic manner. It's as simple as that.

Our range of equipment for this type of operation consist of a number of modules with different options - all to ensure that the solution we offer is perfect for your needs.


Coin Handling Equipment

Verifying equipment

Verifying equipment

Sometimes you need that extra verification after handling your coins. A checkweigher system is an easy solution to make sure your packages contain what they should, and also mark them properly.


Verifying Equipment

Coin conveyor with two SC A 4000

Coin Conveyor Systems

In large cash center operations where the coin volume often is very high, it is vital to have efficent systems. Since the environment traditionally is noisy, rough and full of heavy lifting, a lot can be done to relieve your staff and increase security, accuracy and efficiency.


Coin wagons with conveyor and SC A 4000

Coin Wagons & Containers

Our cash center products are used to further enhance the efficiency, ergonomics and profitability of your cash processing machines.

 Coin wagons & Containers


Supervisor System


Our software can be used to monitor all machines and their activities during production, and to facilitate production changes and adjustments that may affect the whole or parts of the production line.